MOVE FORWARDInnovation, co-creation, and beyond

At TIS INTEC Group, we aim to realize a better society through
digital technologies, a goal rooted in our mission to
“continually create new value without being bound by conventional ideas,
and drive society in a better direction.”

about us

Co-creating New Value through Open Innovation

TIS INTEC Group promotes collaborative business through open innovation by flexibly integrating external technologies, ideas and services into our own resources.
Our aim is to grow together as a business partner with startup companies who are able to create values we cannot create alone.
We are committed to creating new value with startup companies to contribute to realizing an ecosystem that is driven by collaboration with, and active investment in, promising startup companies.

Industries and IT domains in which TIS INTEC Group is engaged


Leveraging the advantages of principal investment

We make principal investments with our own funds rather than through fund raising activities. Without obsessing on timeframes, we strive to achieve growth in collaboration with startup companies in the industries and IT domains that TIS INTEC Group is engaged in.

  • Business synergies
  • Innovative technology
  • B2B services
  • Growth areas

Prioritized points

  • checkGood potential for synergies with TIS INTEC Group’s current or future business
  • checkHas innovative technology or services
  • checkPreference is given to companies with B2B/enterprise services


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